Not Updating for a while. ^^
I'm experiencing new things in UPM.
Loving it so much~!
Can't wait to write bout it.

sorry my dear readers~
kinda busy and dont have much time to spend.
I'll update again as soon as possible.

Eid 2011 = Awesome !

This year's Eid celebration was way beyond my expectation. I got the chance to go 'raya' with my Dear and my friends. ^^ Hah, never thought bout it as we are going to enroll in the University after this, including myself, huu~

I really enjoyed this Eid. Especially on September 3rd, 4th and 5th. Hah, I went out for 3 consecutive days~!
  • September 3rd
At first, we're planning for shopping at Rawang. *me and Dear >< But, we ended up with 'beraya' with his friends. Dear, thanks for looking after me throughout the day. It makes me feel more comfortable being around your friends. Thanks to your friends too for their kindness. ^^ *Although I was bullied the whole day by them
  • September 4th
I decided to went to Rawang with Shila, Ofriana and Asilah today, as we didn't make it yesterday. *me and you, September 3rd Ahah, before we went to Rawang, we stop by at my Dear's house. Shila, Ofriana and Asilah turns to 'beraya' at his home. ^^ We had our lunch there. Thanks to Umi *his mom for preparing the Chicken Chop. It was delicious. Hehe, we're sorry if we hang out at your place for too long. *Thanks too for letting us taking pictures in your house :p
  • September 5th
He went back to his college. He stop by at my house before he left. *I'll miss you dear~! I rode the bikes again~! Shila and her noona, Shida came to my house. After that we went to Millenium, then to 'pekan', we bought a few drinks, and epop magazine and back to my house again. Simple and fun. ^^ *Thanks for coming girls

A 'long' post before getting into UPM.
See ya guys soon~!

Alhamdulillah ^^

Thanks for coming dear !
Yup, he came to my house today. Yesterday actually. ^^ He only got a few days of holiday, thats why he came early. But it felt like just a few minutes. He came late to my house, around 6 pm. So, he can't be here for long.

It was awesome somehow. I did'nt felt awkward around his friends. Yeah right, we're in the same school. Silly~ They even get along with my litle brother and sister.^^ Such a relief.

Next, its my turn dear. I'm sorry if I can't. I told you in advance right? Hopefully I can make it. Amin~
love you.

It's been a while..

Happy Merdeka Raya~! ^^

Hah, it's 4th Syawal. Means, it's been 4 days since I last wrote . Well I kinda busy, haha, yeah right. ==' I don't have any idea to write actually, and a bit lazy, wee~ ><

After the iftar incidence, I'm not in the mood to write. Thought that it was over between us. On the the day before raya eve, I got so eminent, missing him and thinking bout whats gonna happen next. Even my cousin faced the same problem with me, what a coincidence.

Alhamdulillah, on 1st Syawal, he texted me. ^^ It's feels like dream come true, haha. Unbelievable~! Thank God, we're good. Unfortunately for my cousin, they're done. Crazy huh ? Thinking bout breaking up in this kind of mood, I mean its RAYA, everyone wants to be happy.

We're celebrating it with the people we love around us. Family, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and neighbours. Who wants to be saddened by small things on this cheerful and colourful day, right?

new style.
luving it.
thanks for coming dear.