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Assalamu'alaikum and good evening to all! Hah, watcha doin? I miss my dear bloggie soooo muchhh. Last time I said *I mean wrote that I'm gonna tell u guys about my activities in UPM right? Ahah, lets start! ><
  • Orientation week (7-11 Sept)

Tiring!! That’s the word I can describe about this week. Due to the tight schedule, I can’t even took bath properly, as always, ORIENTATION WEEK, huhh~ We were guided by the FU (University Facilitators) throughout this week, haha. I like them a lot!
Hmm, on the 1st day, we were divided into 12 groups, with 10/11 people each. I’m in the 2nd group, yeay! ^^ Every activities/programs, we must line up according to our group. So that our ‘penghulu’ can ensure that all of us are there.

Ahah, I almost forgot. We were given an insight into SUKSIS & PALAPES through briefings that night too. SUKSIS & PALAPES are some sort of uniformed units. ^^ SUKSIS is a police-like unit and PALAPES is an army-like unit. Who ever wants to participate, has to move to Kolej Tun Perak(SUKSIS) and KOSAS(PALAPES). There were only 2,3 of us joined it after the talk.

On the 2nd day, we started our morning with solat subuh together. Then we gathered back in Dewan Harmoni before we went to Dewan Besar. We were there all day, hah, so tired~ ==’ All of the programs are just talks. Gawdd, I got sooo sleepy, weeeee~ *winkwink

3rd day, the most important event ; the oath taking ceremony, weee~!!! We gathered early in the morning at Dewan Besar. We must wear the pashmina given by UPM. Ahah, red colour meyh~!!! The hall was full by the red ocean of pashmina, ahah. Its kinda weird for me to wore the pashmina, well, I’m not used to. :p After that, we went to our faculty. Mine : Faculty of Computer Sciene and Information Technology. ^^ Such a beauty, loving it lah! Then, we were brought to the computer lab to register our courses, guided by the lectures, hehe. Most of my classmate are STPM students.

4th day, off to Bukit Ekspo. They held a carnival, mostly the booth are promoting the cocurriculum activities in UPM. The only thing I did was walking around, bhahaha. :p On the evening, got some info about the health center.

The remaining days of the week, I finally manage to get some rest, weeee~ ^^ Only on the Sunday night we’ve met our college principal. waooo~ Gonna stop herefor now. To be continued. ^^

still can't believe it.
I'm a uni student lah, weee~

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